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Can Friendship Turn into Love?

Do you think a friendship can turn into love? Can a love turn into a friendship? Let’s share our thoughts on this subject with you today.

Can Friendship Turn into Love?

Can Friendship Turn into Love? Love… One of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Especially when the right person is in your life, then we can say that a very good life awaits you. Our topic today is friendship, transition to love. A man and a woman can be friends. This is a very normal.

It’s also normal for a man and woman who are friends to have feelings for each other over time as time goes on. People who have been looking at themselves as friends for years, when the time comes, know each other very well, understand each other very well, and their trust in each other can turn from friendship to love.

Can Friendship Turn into Love? After all, we can’t choose the person we fall in love with. No one can force love or hate forcefully. It is only our heart that decides this. If your heart desires, you can fall in love with the person you meet as a friend and make friends with. This is not in our hands, and of course it is not an abnormal situation. That’s why it’s so normal and ordinary for friendships to turn into love.

Do you think love can turn into friendship?

Our answer to this is very clear. No… There is a saying that ex-girlfriends can’t be friends. If it is not to be perceived as bad, this is actually a correct sentence. It’s impossible for you to be like 2 casual friends with the person you once had feelings for and have a relationship with, and save memories as if nothing had happened. There is love or there is not. From love to friendship, that means standing in the middle of the two. But there is no middle ground. The moment your feelings for the people you once fell in love with die, you don’t become friends with that person. Because when your feelings for him die, it means you don’t even have the love of your friends.

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