Compare Essay Stay In A Flat And Stay İn A Dormitory

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 Compare Essay Stay In A Flat And Stay In A Dormitory

We will moving to another city or country when we win a universty or high school. One of the most important problems when you move is to find a place tos tay. Some students prefer to stay in a flat, whereas they prefer tos tay in a dormitory. There are several differences and similarities between staying in a flat and staying in a dormitory.

First of all, staying in a flat and staying in a dormitory are similar in some ways. First similarity is staying with friends. If you have a friend that can get along well, you can  rent a flat or stay in a dormitory with your friend. Second similarity is you use to some items. If you stay in a dormitory or stay in a flat, there are some similar things you use. For example; a bed for you to sleep , a wardrobe for put your clothes on or a fridge to put your foods and drinks. Finally similarity is pay rent for stay in there. If you want to stay in a flat or dormitory, you should pay rent.  It is difficult to find a place tos tay. So you look for a flat or a dormitory. You find a dormitory or a flat. The landlord or the dormitory manager gets a rent during your stay. You pay rent for stay.

Secondly, stay in a flat is different from stay in a dormitory in many ways. First difference ofcourse , food. It is important difference , because if you stay in a dormitory , you shouldn’t expect delicious foods. Food in dormitory are salt-free, spice-free and tasteless. Moreover, they aren’t healthy. But if you stay in a flat , you are lucky. Because you can cook the food you want and definietly healtiher than dorm meals. Another difference is private area. If you stay in a dormitory, these areas aren’t special enough for you. For example ; you share the bathroom , bedroom, room for study or the places you eat in a dormitory. Unlike these the flat is completely for you. Finally difference is comfortable. People who stay in a flat are more comfortable than people who stay in a dormitory. Because they can want to go out wherever they want or they can take a shower comfortobly or family can stay comfortobly. But you can’t do these in a dormitory.

Tos um up, after taking everything into consideration , I think stay in a flat. Because if you ask me , I stay in a dormitory, definietly I prefer to stay in a flat. There are some similarities but in many respects it is more preferable tos tay in a flat.

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