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Do Fish Sweat?

Do fish sweat ? We humans and many animals sweat to regulate their body temperature. So, do fish that are constantly in the water sweat like us? Why do fish smell like that? Do creatures living in water sweat? Here are the details of our article…

Do Fish Sweat?

Do Fish Sweat? We sweat to keep our body temperature in balance and to remove harmful things from our bodies. Since we humans are warm-blooded creatures, we regulate our body temperature by sweating. But this issue did not apply to cold-blooded creatures, and fish are cold-blooded creatures.

If we briefly summarize cold-blooded creatures, they are those that have only dirty blood in their hearts. Cold-blooded creatures adjust their body temperature differently than we humans. When we think logically, the surfaces of fish are in constant contact with water. Therefore, something different from sweating takes place. For sweating to occur, the body must come into contact with air.

Do Fish Sweat?

Fish have a different mechanism. They produce a different mucus secretion on their bodies and this is found on the surface of their fish instead of sweat. This mucus secretion is what fish do instead of sweating. 

The mucus secretion produced is constantly secreted and also causes the fish to be slippery. This slipperiness also causes the fish to move more easily in the water. In short, fish do not sweat, but instead secrete a solidified, coagulated liquid we call mucus.

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