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Effect Of Learning English Essay

Effect Of Learning English Essay. Sizler için İngilizce Öğrenmenin Etkileri ile ilgili Essay çalışması yaptık. Effect Of Learning English, İngilizce Öğrenmenin Etkileri, Essay, Effect Essay, Effect Essay örneği. Bu yazının Türkçesine ulaşmak için = İngilizce Öğrenmenin Etkileri

EFFECTS OF LEARNING ENGLISH (İngilizce Öğrenmenin Etkileri)

Effect Of Learning English Essay. There are many countries and languages in the World. English is one of the most common of these language. Knowing english give you an advantages in may areas. Even tought there are a variety of effect of learning english ; education , job and communnication seem to be the most common.

First topic is education. If you are a student , you have many dreams about your future. One of your dreams may be to study abroad. Some of the most prestigious universities worlwide offer English education. You should learn english to go to one of them or addapt more easily when you go. Moreover, after learning English , you may want to learn a new language or have to learn. Learning a new language will not be diffucult for you , because you know english. For example; you need to learn German for your depertmant , you can do easily. You can associate some of the German words with English. As a result , learning English will contribute to your educaiton.

Second topic is ease of communication. Language is an important factor for communication. For example; you can meet new people. The next level after learning English is to find people who use this language. Such as you can meet people learning English like you from the for end of the World and learn new things from them. Moreover, If you like travelling different places or country, you are lucky. Because if you are learning English , you will have freedom to travel and you can go abroad. Such as ; England , Italy , Frane , German. You can speak English even if you dont know the offical language of these country. In short , knowing English makes it easy for you communication.

Third topic is job. As it is known , only being a universty graduate is not enough to find a job. For example; if you are a graduate and want to start working life immediately , you will be easier to find a job when you learn English. It will put you ahead of the others when you apply to a company for business. Moreover , most large companies export and imports with companies abroad. If you work for one of those companies , you can successfully rise in your job . For example ; you can Express yourself more confidantly when you have a meeting , andyou can affect them. You can present it successfully when they ask you for a presentation and you may get promed from your boss. As a result, When you learn English, you are  ahead of the others in business.

In conculusion , learning English adds many advantages to your life. Thanks to these advantages , your chance to your choose what you want increases. You can choose a job or education you want , you can easily communication with the people you want. If you don’t think learn English , you should give up this think and start a course immediately.

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