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How Do I Add Excitement to My Relationship?

How do I add excitement to my relationship? In long-term relationships, things you do after a certain time usually become classics. Therefore, the desire to create different emotions arises. So what do you do to add excitement to your relationship? Psychologist Miray Sağlam answered this question for you…

How Do I Add Excitement to My Relationship?

How Do I Add Excitement to My Relationship? Everything started very well , you were very happy . But now it seems like there is a problem in your relationship. If your relationship has become boring now, don’t look for who’s the problem.

  • In long-term relationships, due to the formation of some comfort areas over time and our planned life, sometimes our relationship can become ordinary by repeating the usual things. 
  • Do we need to exhaust the relationship at this point? So how long does this cycle continue?
  • Instead, I think it is useful to add some excitement to our relationship and remember our old feelings. So how do we do this ?

How Do I Add Excitement to My Relationship?

  • First, remember what impressed you in the beginning of your partner and think about the good memories you had together. You can start by sharing these memories with your partner, reminding them and having fun
  • Of course, we shouldn’t always live in the past. You can continue by acquiring different activities together. Dance, tennis, cycling etc.
  • It is useful to remind your partner of something you love about him from time to time. 
  • Talk about your sex life more often and try touching each other more.
  • Create opportunities for yourself to miss each other, even for a few days.
  • You can make sweet surprises by buying him the things he likes, even if it is small.
  • In addition to all of them, I would like you to ask yourself the following questions for your relationship that you think has become ordinary :

How Do I Add Excitement to My Relationship?

  • What were you doing before you met your spouse/lover?
  • What did you change in your life after being with him?
  • What has he added to your life?
  • What was missing?
  • What were the things you did before you met that made you very happy?
  • In the answer to these questions, I think you will find the missing pieces in your relationship.
  • If the goal in life is to be happy, Victor Hugo said, “Don’t wait to be happy to laugh, maybe you’ll die without laughing.” Without forgetting your promise, you can start your efforts now to spice up our relationship.
  • The most important thing I don’t want you to forget is that you can’t make yourself heard no matter what you do to someone who doesn’t want to hear you. So if you’ve tried these and nothing changes, you probably have someone who doesn’t want to hear about you.

Source= Psychologist Miray Sağlam

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