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How Do Medicines Know Our Painful Place?

How Do Medicines Know Our Painful Place? How do drugs know about our sore spot? When we have a headache, we take painkillers. If our arm hurts, we take painkillers. If our leg hurts, or any part of us hurts. How does the pain that occurs in different places go away even though we always take the same medicine? How do painkillers know where we hurt? Let’s talk about it with you today…

How Do Medicines Know Our Painful Place?

How Do Medicines Know Our Painful Place? When we are sick or when we are in pain, medicines always come to our rescue. They heal and heal us. While the areas where some drugs are used are certain, this situation is a little different for painkillers.

What we call pain is something that can happen in any part of our body and is a very general concept. It is difficult to guess exactly where the sore spot is. But pain relievers find this point and cure it. So how does this happen? How do painkillers find the aching place and relieve our pain?

How Do Medicines Know Our Painful Place?

We would like to tell you the answer to this in the simplest way to enter scientific words. Actually, the answer is very simple. We know that everything we eat or drink gets into our blood and we have blood all over our body. The food we eat and drink mixes with our blood after we consume it, and with it, it circulates throughout our body. Unused and harmful substances are thrown out with this circulation.

In fact, we have already answered the question. After the medicine we drink, it mixes with the blood immediately and circulates all over our body with the mixed blood. While all this travels around our body, of course, it also comes to the aching place. It makes us feel pain by reacting with the cells in the aching place. Here is the simplest answer to this question.

We drink medicine, the medicine we drink mixes with our blood, and the aching place is found and healed with the circulating blood.

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