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How Important Is The Moon To Our Earth?

How Important Is The Moon To Our Earth? What happens if the moon disappears? What would happen if the moon, the satellite of our world, disappeared? How important do you think the Moon is to our Earth? Here are the details of our article…

How Important Is The Moon To Our Earth?

How Important Is The Moon To Our World? Satellite of our world. The Moon is 384,403 km from Earth. Its temperature can reach 122 o C during the day and -235 o C at night. Although it is very small compared to the world, it has elevations and hills as big as Mount Ararat in our country. If you ask how the Moon was formed , the Moon was formed 4.5 billion years ago, as a result of the collision of a planet called TEA and our Earth, and merging from broken pieces. What would happen if you looked up one day and saw that there was no Moon? You were a little surprised, then you would not even think about the absence of the Moon. But in fact, the subject and the event is not such a simple thing. Without the moon, Earth would be almost uninhabitable.

The moon has a gravitational force. Thanks to this gravitational force, our Earth has an inclination of 23°. Having this inclination ensures that the sun’s rays come to the Earth at an angle, not perpendicularly, and ensures that the balance of the climates is not disturbed. But without the Moon, the Earth would not have a fixed axis, and that would mean climatic balance. This indicates that there will be gaps between day and night temperatures. This change strengthens our survival.

The Earth’s core will become unstable. This will cause the movements of the earth’s crust to be quite high. The fact that the crustal movements are excessive means that natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods will be very common in our world.

Tides on Earth are caused by the gravitational pull of the Moon. The absence of the moon means the absence of these tides. This is preparing the end of aquatic creatures. The lack of gravity will also increase the rotation speed of our Earth. The faster the Earth’s rotation speed, the harder it will be in the storms and winds that form within it. This will affect us and nature negatively.

Ay Tutulması Nedir?

The destruction of the Moon will also leave the Earth vulnerable in one way or another. The reason for this is that the meteors coming to our Earth are directed to the Moon by the effect of the Moon’s gravitational force and hit the Moon. The absence of the Moon proves that a meteor passing close will increase the probability of hitting the Earth.

As our earth rotates faster, the force of gravity will increase. Therefore, it will become more difficult to act in our world. Along with this, the increase in gravity will prevent people from getting taller. The rapid rotation of our Earth will lead to a shortening of its days. A day will be about 15 hours.

In short, although the extinction of the Moon will not be the end of Humanity, it will make it very difficult to survive on Earth. Today we talked to you about the effects on our Earth and us if the Moon disappears. If you liked our article and you have your own opinions on this subject, you can specify it in the comment section below.

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