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When Does Nausea Occur During Pregnancy?

When does nausea occur during pregnancy? What can we do to relieve nausea? Is it possible to prevent nausea? When does nausea start during pregnancy?

When Does Nausea Occur During Pregnancy?

When Does Nausea Occur During Pregnancy? Nausea and vomiting that occurs during pregnancy, commonly known as morning sickness, is very common in the early stages of pregnancy. Nausea usually occurs in the morning. It can affect the expectant mother at any time of the day, and some mothers may feel sick all day long. Although it is seen as annoying, nausea is also a result of changes in the body during pregnancy.

Nausea, which usually starts in the 6th week of pregnancy, continues until the 14th week. Morning sickness is unpleasant and can significantly affect their daily lives for some women. But it doesn’t put your baby at any more risk and usually clears up by week 16 to 20 of your pregnancy.

So, is it possible to prevent nausea?

The important thing is that the expectant mother eats healthy and stays away from harmful habits.

– light, non-spicy and fat-free foods should be consumed,

– Stay away from acidic soft drinks,

– Yogurt and cheese should be consumed,

-You should drink ginger tea,

Stress should be avoided.

-liquid should be consumed,

-Boiled potatoes, pasta and rice pilaf can be consumed,

– have lots of rest,

The stomach should not be allowed to remain empty.

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