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Who is Empodekles? What did he do?

Who is Empodekles? What did he do? Who is the famous physicist Empodekles? What are the important discoveries of Empodekles?

Who is Empodekles? What did he do?

Who is Empodekles? What did he do? He is a Greek philosopher who lived between 490 and 430 BC. Empodekles was a Greek philosopher born on his then Greek-dominated island. According to him, everything on Earth consisted of four basic elements: water, earth, air and fire.

According to Empedocles, these four basic elements are united and separated by the force of love and hate (repulsiveness). In other words, love and hate are among the basic elements that make up matter and are used to explain changes.

Empodecles came from a wealthy Greek family. His grandfather was a racehorse and horse breeder, and his father was an Olympic champion. Empodekles was trained by Pythagoras’ students, and to them numbers were the most important thing in the universe. Everything could be explained with numbers.

But Empodekles was also interested in things other than numbers. He observed the things around him and began to develop ideas about what they were made of. He believed that everything in the world consisted of four pure and indestructible substances, namely water, earth, air and fire. This idea was accepted for more than 2000 years.

There are different rumors about the place and manner of death. It is said that he ended his life by jumping into Mount Etna. According to another rumor, he died in a normal way in Peloponnesos, Greece, when he was 60 years old.

Source = Greatest Physicists of All Time Gerry Bailey

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