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Why Do New Cars Smell Good?

Why do new cars smell good? Have you ever ridden in new cars? When you get into new cars, you get that different and nice smell. So why do you think this smell only happens in new cars? What is causing this smell? Do companies use a perfume to make cars smell that way? Let’s clear this up for you today…

Why Do New Cars Smell Good?

Why Do New Cars Smell Good? Especially in our country, it is very difficult to get into a new car, but most of us have gotten into new cars. Brand new vehicles have a distinctive smell. Some people may think that this fragrance is perfume. But this is not a perfume specially produced for new vehicles.

Volatile organic chemicals are what make the car smell good. These chemicals tend to evaporate at room temperature. In the production line of the car, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene, Styrene, Xylene, Trimethyl Benzene leak into the air from the newly produced parts of the vehicle, revealing that unique smell.

Why Do New Cars Smell Good?

The odors of these chemicals deteriorate by 20% every week and completely disappear after a certain period of time. Although it may seem like a bad thing to us, it is actually a good thing. Because we can be exposed to these chemicals for a long time. New car manufacturers aim to get rid of this smell completely. Because the less that smell is in the vehicles, the less chemicals are used. No matter how much we love the new car smell, one day that smell will disappear completely.

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