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Ana Sayfaİngilizce EssayCompare Essay Turkish Culture And Italian Culture

Compare Essay Turkish Culture And Italian Culture

Compare Essay Turkish Culture And Italian Culture. Compare / Contrast Essay Örnekleri, Türk ve İtalyan Kültürü, Compare Essay Örneği. Bu yazının Türkçesine ulaşmak için = Compare Essay Türk Kültürü ve İtalyan Kültürü


Compare Essay Turkish Culture And Italian Culture. Culture is a versatile structure. Every country has its own culture. Some of these cultures may similar or different cultures to another country. For example; religion , eaiting habirs , technology , region , family structure , traditions. There are several differences and similarities between Turkish culture and Italian culture.

First of all, Turkish culture and Italian culture are similar in soma ways. One of them is eating habits. For exampe; Turks use and like dough while making some dishes. Italians use dough as much as Turks in their meals. And loves pastries in both countires. Such as, They make pizza with dough in Italian , while Turks make lahmacun with dough. Also seafood is abudant in the coast of Italy. The dishes is seen as a culture in Meteronean Region in Turkey. For example ; they use lots of tomato sauce , olive oil  and fish when cooking in both countries. Another similarity is family structure. Italians depend on their families as much as Turks. For example; the family doesn’t only consist of parents and siblings for Italians and Turks. They give great importance to cosins , uncles , aunts , grandparents and larger family member. Another similarity is some traditions. Turks care about their traditions. They have several common traditions with Italians. For example; if you and your partnerthink get married, first of all you should have a requesting ceremany and you should be engaged in both countries.

Secondly, Turkish culture and Italian culture are different in some ways. First difference is region. Whereas in Italy the European Continent, Turkey is located on the Asia Continent. Moreover, Italians have always lived on the Italian Peninsula , unlike Turks migrated from Centeal Asia to Anatolia over time. In addition, religion difference. Religion in Turkey , consists of various relegious beliefs. The most common relegion in the country is Islam . However, the most common relegion in Italy is Christianity. Also, relegion in Italy is defined by the dominance of christianty and the diversity of increased relegious practices, beliefs , and sectarion diversity. Finally difference is technology. Italy is better than Turkey in terms of tecnology. As an example , automotive technology. Italians are producing the best cars of the last 40 to 50 years , while Turks are getting better in this area.

 In conculusion, we have seen the similarities and difference between Italian culture and Turkish culture. Person who travelling to Italy from Turkey or vice versa, the person knows that will have difficulty or ease in some subjects.

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