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Does Smoking Reduce Stress?

Does smoking reduce stress? Almost all smokers say that smoking reduces their stress. So do you think this is true? Here are the details of our article…

Does Smoking Reduce Stress?

Does Smoking Reduce Stress? We see many people around us smoking. They say it reduces their stress even though they know it’s unhealthy. “I was very angry, I smoked, my anger went away.” “Smoking relaxes me.” You may have heard many phrases such as: Do you think this is just an excuse people make up for smoking or is there really such a thing ? So do you think this is true?

Sigarayı Bıraktıktan Sonra Neler Yapmalıyız?

Actually, the answer to this question is both yes and no. We would like to explain this issue as follows. When you smoke, the body instantly reduces the stress level. In other words, the nicotine in cigarettes reduces the dopamine level in our body, which gives us a feeling of instant relaxation. 

However, in individuals who smoke constantly, this dopamine cycle in our body is disrupted and our baseline stress level rises considerably. In this way, the body becomes much more stressed than normal, and at the same time, it needs cigarettes. While the smoker would be at a much lower stress level if he did not smoke normally, smoking instantly reduces his stress level, but even this decreased stress level remains above normal.

Sigarayı Bıraktıktan Sonra Yapılması Gerekenler

Those who find it difficult to quit smoking and constantly “I get very stressed when I don’t smoke.” In fact, after quitting smoking, the dopamine cycle in our body returns to normal within a few weeks and our stress level decreases. Quitting smoking does not increase your stress, on the contrary, it turns you into a calmer and less stressed person.

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