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Ana Sayfaİngilizce EssayHow to Make a Strong First Impression

How to Make a Strong First Impression

How to Make a Strong First Impression. You’ve heard it before: You only have one chance to make a first impression. According to research, we have about ten seconds with strangers before they from an opinion of us. How to make a strong first impression.

How to Make a Strong First Impression, How Do You Make A Good First İmpression?

Body Language and Appearance

How to Make a Strong First Impression. Demonstrate a good attiude with your bod. When you first walk into a room, show confidence. Stand up straight and look other people in the eye. If you smile irequently, it will make other people more comfortable. They will think you are friendly.

Appearance is important. Several years ago, a professional colleague offered to meet me for luch. I wore a sport coat and tie. He showed up in shorts and sandals. The message I received was : ” Bill, meeting you is a rather ordinary experience. I don’t need to present a businesslikle appearance. ” Not surprisingly, that was the last time I met with him. True, standards for appropriate clothing have changed a lot. Maybe the best advice I can share came from someone I met. She said, ” I don’t dress for the job I have now; I dress for the job I want to have.”


The way you speak also affects the first impression you make. Listeners judge our intelligence, our level of cultural knowledge, even our leadership ability by the words we selecet and by how we say them. Your listeners hear your tone of voice before they beging listening to your words. Speack clearly and loudly enough so that people can hear you. Change the pitch of your voice to avoid a dull monotone. Show expression in both you voice and your face. And try not to speak too quickly.

Conversation Skills

The greatest way to make a good first impression is to demonstrate that the other person, not you, is the center of attention. When you are onyl interested in talking about yourself other people don’t feel that you appreciate them. Show that you are interested in others. Then new acquaintances will want to see you again. Recently I went to a conference. At lunch my wife and I sat with several people we didn’t know. While most of the people made good impressions, one man did not. He talked about himself the entire time. No onve else got a chance to speak.. Unfortunately, he probably thought we were interested in his life story. We decided to avoid him all weekend. I like this definition of a bore:” Somebody who talks about himself so much that you don’t geet to talk about yourself.”

You will impress other poeple when you pracitce good listening skills. Give interested responses; ” Hmmm… interesting!” ” Tell me more, please.” ” What did you do next? ” Your partner will welcome your help ing keeping the conversation going. You also show you’re good listener when you maintain steady eye contact. Think about how you feel when someone you are talking to looks araound the room. You think the person would rather be talking to someone else. Try to use the name of person you’ve just met frequently. ” Judy, I like taht suggestion.” ” You vacation must have been exciting, Fred.” You show that you have paid attention from the start,  catching the name during the introduction. Equally important, you’ll make conversations more personal by including the listener’S name several times.

Finally, avoid making other poeple uncomfortable. Be careful with jokes. Something you think is funny may be offensive to others. You don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. Also, don’t disagree with someone you have just met. İf you disagree too much şn your first conversation, the other person may think you are just too different. When you know the person better, you can express another opinion.

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