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Ana Sayfaİngilizce EssayCauses Of Moving To A New City Essay

Causes Of Moving To A New City Essay

Causes Of Moving To A New City Essay. Causes Of Moving To A New City. Cause Essay. Causes Essay Örnekleri. Causes Of Moving To A New City konulu İngilizce Essay. If you want to reach the Turkish version of this article = Causes Of Moving To A New City Essay

Causes Of Moving To A New City Essay

Causes Of Moving To A New City Essay. Causes Of Moving To A New City. Many people move to a different city than the city they live in. Therewithall every city has people from different city. There are some various causes of moving to a new city but three stand out ; get married, a new job and education.

 First of all, finding a new job. For example; if you work a company, but your salary isn’t enough for you, of course you are looking for a new job. Maybe the job you found is in a different city, but the company’s salary is enough for you. So you’ll move to a new city. Moreover maybe the city you live in and the city you work in are different. For example; you live in Adana, but your job is Gaziantep, you can want to move. Because you may not be able to go quickly when your family or a friend needs to you. Therefore if you are successful in your job, you may receive jobs offers from other companies. That company is more suitable for your career development. So you’ll moving to a new city.

Secondly, education is one of the important reasons for move. For example; if you are a student , you have an important exam for go to the good universty. If your exam is successful, you prefer some good universities. Some of these universities may be in a another city. You can win the different universty in a different city. Furthermore, some families with children, they move for their children. For example; maybe they live in a small city and it is insufficient for the educaiton of their children.  Thus they will prefer to move so that their children get better education.

The last and I think the most important, independce. Individuals who come to a certain age want to move to a new city. Because they want to prove themselves on some issues. For example; economic indipendence. If you are a 19-20 years old individual, you may not longer want to receive money support from your family. So, you can go to a new city and you can earn your own money. In adittion, indipendence in making your own decisions. For example; if you are a younger, you can want to go out whenever you want , come home whenever you want or meet people you want. If you can’t do these things, you can feel pressured and you may want to move to a new city.

In conculusion, as I mentioned there are may factors for people to move. If you find a new job or you want your indepedence or you need to move for education, you don’t worry and you move to. Don’t forget, everywhere you see returns to you as an advangates or experience.

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