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How Will I Forget My Ended Relationship?

How will I forget my ending relationship? A relationship can end as soon as it begins. This is normal. Every relationship that starts has a chance to end. So how can you forget a relationship that has ended, the person with whom you shared important memories in your life? Psychologist Miray Sağlam answered this question for you.

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How Will I Forget My Ended Relationship?

How Will I Forget My Ended Relationship? Let ‘s look at the top… At the beginning of your relationship, the person who did not go out of your mind with his presence , now does not go out of his way with his absence , right? You don’t know what to do…

  • Why isn’t it over? ” you ask yourself. You want to text, go where he is, somehow communicate with him.
  • Your eye became even more ideal after the person you made the center of the world during your relationship broke up, right? You want to be with him more than before.
  • The brain-related part of the question ” Why can’t I forget? ” is right here.
  • Love , which stimulates the reward-punishment part of our brain, wants its reward back like a punished child with the end of the relationship.

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  • In fact, because that childish mind wants his reward back , he will send you messages that you will often regret later and say, “How did I do this?” “ I dreamed of you, are you okay?, happy holidays, you knew , what was my Instagram password?
  • Not thinking or not looking unfortunately does not destroy what is there. I know it’s better for you to think and talk about not that it’s over but that you’re just going to come back .
  • So what do we do then? ” I seem to hear you say.
  • I know it’s sad, but you have to accept the situation and start by burialing the relationship. Because the grief that you insist on not living causes your brain to send you signals that your relationship continues.
  • In other words, the grief that you insist on not living and the illusion that the relationship continues progresses in a direct proportion.
  • “What happens when I accept it, will my pain lessen?” you say, right? But you know what that pain tells you?
  • Take the first steps of your new life…
  • The scarring process brings its ointment with it. The brain turns the crisis, which we call the grieving process, into an opportunity so that you can balance your emotions and thoughts and reorient your life.
  • In fact, at the end of this process, he is trying to give you a better you by roasting you with his experiences .
  • Because grief is also a process of internal questioning . You question what you did more or less in your finished relationship .
  • Once accepted, you will be out of the blame cycle. At the end of this process, you may have realized that being together is not really good for each other.
  • Maybe you can have perfect relationships separately but not together…
  • Don’t get into the balls like if he apologized, came, begged or would it have happened if I did this. You cannot come to a conclusion.

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  • “Do not autopsy the dead relationship .”
  • Even if the feelings are negative, it still keeps you dependent on the relationship because the emotion is the emotion.
  • And don’t ever get into the question ” Can we stay friends? ” as if you were trying to put water in the finished shampoo box and try to use it again… Do not make such an offer to the person in front of you before your positive or negative feelings are over, because you will be hurt .
  • Especially if you have dreams about his return and the other person realizes this in the process, you can return to the ” press in case of emergency ” button.
  • Just because we remained friends, when you continue to be friends on social media , it will hurt you more to see that he is now doing the things he did with you without you.
  • Don’t get involved in his life without even knowing it, don’t let your own life slip away from your hands… 

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  • When you feel ready, focus on what you want to do, think about what you love, and take action .
  • Another way to reduce your pain is to share it. But not with people who think that it benefits you and speak for you and judge . If you say to my pity what can they do, try going to a therapist
  • Go for a little cleaning in the area you live in and fill all the objects that remind you of it in a box , even if you can’t throw it away, remove it from your eyes, hide it somewhere…

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  • It will not do you any good to have short relationships, neither casual relationships nor band -aids to save the day. The nail does not remove the nail . On the contrary, it hurts more and the nail of the ending relationship makes you hit your heart harder
  • You need time and give it to yourself .
  • Take a break from drama movies or music for a while.
  • Stay away from people who constantly remind you of your relationship and ask questions. People who judge you, who are supposed to support you, have no place in your life. Remember, sometimes ending a relationship or going through bad times helps you get to know the other people in your life.
  • Behzat C. If you watched the series, there was a line like this:
  • The word “forget” is out of flour . The flour we know, pastry, it was. To forget, you have to crumble. You couldn’t forget someone as a whole anyway, you couldn’t forget them with a bang. So slowly, slowly it goes away, you gradually forget. His eyes, eyebrow, nose, ear, voice slowly … When you forget, the person you forget is not that person. That’s why you couldn’t remember even if you wanted to. After? Then you forgot that you forgot .”

To the days you didn’t even realize you forgot, with love.

Source= Psychologist Miray Sağlam

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