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Why Are People Who Love Too Much Abandoned?

Why is the person who loves so much abandoned? When we love someone so much, why does he leave us? If we love someone so much, will they leave us? Let’s talk about this important issue with you today.

Why Are People Who Love Too Much Abandoned?

Why is the person who loves so much abandoned? A person who loves a lot gives up his values, principles and life for the person he loves. He puts the person he loves at the center of his life.

A person who loves a lot cannot say no to the person they love. He accepts the wishes of the person he loves, even though he does not want to make the person he loves happy. She breaks her boundaries one by one for the person she loves.

Since the other party understands your fear of losing, they become sloppy in the relationship and begin to manage you, and you try more and more to be the person they want in order not to lose them.

You become restless because you cease to be yourself. And you want him to give up his limits for you. But he won’t need it. Because you have accepted it in all its forms. 

İlişkide Doğru İletişim Kurmak İçin Ne Yapılmalı?

Along with arguments and reactive behaviors, the respect between you will gradually begin to disappear. You feel worthless and this feeling intensifies day by day.

That’s why he is your only source of happiness because you are getting away from your friends and your environment, and he is starting to get away from you day by day.

Even if he leaves, he is so sure of you that he knows you will open the door for him whenever he returns. That’s why he is not afraid of losing you, and he goes whenever he wants and comes back when he wants.

You love balanced, not too much. Don’t give up on your values and boundaries for anyone. Remember that the fear of losing makes our loved ones valuable and causes us to be careful in relationships.

Source = Family/Marriage/Relationship Counselor Yasemin Avcı

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